What’s My Thesis?

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38 The Miaminess of Miami - Jessica Gispert


Continuing, Jessica Gispert and I talk about growing up Cuban American in Miami, as we bro out in this primer about being a kid in a hispanic culture that was allowed immigrate to the USA and flourish as refugees. 

37 [Audio Fixed] Santeria - Jessica Gispert


[audio has been fixed to remove echo, and play through to the end]

Artist Jessica Gispert and I talk about growing up around Cuban occultism in Miami. We have fun getting into the origins of Santeria while remaining careful not to upset the saints. Also, animal sacrifice...


36 Intersectionality and Deep Listening - Natalja Kent


Continuing, artist Natalja Kent gives me space to talk white privilege, racism on the liberal left, and why NPR listeners are problematic in this intense conversation about cultural wounds. We don’t fix anything, but I feel better after having my frustrations heard and processed by a compassionate white person.

35 Somatic and Embodiment Practices - Natalja Kent


Artist Natalja Kent stops by to share her experience with embodiment practices, and introduces me to practical techniques like body scans and the supper aggressive sounding Feldenkrais method. I say the words Supple Leopard for some reason, and we set the stage for an intense, but constructive conversation about cultural wounds in next weeks show.

34 Atomic Age: Rise of the Proxy War - Jamie Hamilton


Continuing our conversation, Jamie Hamilton and I talk about the geopolitical strategies the US adopted during the Cold War, and the rise of the proxy war, before going on tangents about his last episode on Telematic Space, the pain of voting in the last midterm election, and why I think Donald trump is a Magician.

33 Atomic Age: Fast and Furious - Jamie Hamilton


Returning Guest Jamie Hamilton (Telematic Space) helps me go through some of my remaining notes on the Atomic Age. Not a Sequel, not a reboot, we cover entirely new information from the earlier series of episodes with the same name. So if you Jump in here, you won't be lost. We talk atomic cars, atomic tourism and project plowshare.

32 Gravity, Brands, and Kanye West Pt II - David Alekhuogie


Continuing our conversation David Alekhuogie wonders if social media is putting constraints on process by establishing parameters artists have to work well with to be seen on social media. Where is your home base? David offers alternative approaches to networking for those of us that don’t feel our work belongs in that space.

31 Gravity, Brands, and Kanye West Pt I - David Alekhuogie


Photographer David Alekhuogie talks about gravity in terms of personal momentum, brands as a statement of identity, and why Kanye West still matters to him.

30 Binge Watching, Insecurity and Tarot Card Readings Pt II - Yoshie Sakai


In the second half of our conversation, Yoshie Sakai and I talk about binge watching, art practice, and the history of Tarot Cards, but more importantly, I get a tarot card reading that hits close to home. We also have a little fun at the expense of painters, but we love you guys, and we are just jealous.