What’s My Thesis?

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2020 - Micah Wood

Artist Micah Wood and I talk about a variety of political issues relevant to the 2020 presidential race from a leftist perspective, and Micah has helpful grooming advice for Julian Assange.

52 L’Origine du Monde - Micah Wood

Artist Micah Wood shares his research tying Gustave Courbet's L'Origin du Monde to psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan, actress Silvia Bataille and intellectual George Bataille, before I pick his brain about contemporary painting.

51 Blobs - Laura Hyunjhee Kim

Artist and Author Laura Hyunjhee Kim takes us on a fun ride sharing ideas from her upcoming speculative theory book “Entering the Blobosphere: A Musing on Blobs” Available June 17, published by @the5accomplices. Support Experimental Non-Fiction, and pre-order a copy today!

50 Postmodernism - Adrian Paules

Artist Adrian Paules and I take a non-academic approach to demystifying postmodernism.

49 Anne Carlisle - Adrian Paules

Artist Adrian Paules talks about a screen crush he developed while researching Anne Carlisle.