What’s My Thesis?

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59 Generation Gaps - Katie Kline

Artist and high school photography teacher @katiekline and I discuss how the rate at which technological innovation accelerates is responsible for the generation gap between Baby Boomers and Millennials. We talk generational feminism, powerful white men applying an outdated approach to disseminating propaganda, and what it’s like to teach a generation of kids who participate in active shooter drills knowing the world might end because of the way adults have set up their society.

58 FOMO - Katie Kline

Artist and high school photography teacher @katiekline talks about Instagram related FOMO from the perspective of someone who’s process is rooted in consuming photography. She shares her experience teaching self portraiture to a generation raised on selfies, and describes an emerging archetype of student photographers that don’t take her creative photo class, but are known on campus for using DSLRs to make their classmates look hot on social media.

57 LA Stories and Poems - Alex Andrew Sanchez

57 LA Stories and Poems - Alex Andrew Sanchez - Artist and Poet @alex_andrew_sanchez and I share stories from our quotidian LA experience. We discuss the Illusions that being isolated in a car creates, Los Angels as a political space, and close out with regional poetry from zines, books and loose pages.

56 The Everyday Violence That Doesn’t Kill You - Alex Andrew Sanchez

Artist and Poet @alex_andrew_sanchez shares his interest in the convergence of painting and writing. Influenced by regional poetry and literature about Los Angeles, Alex is not as interested in stories of murder as he is in "the everyday violence that doesn't kill you, like riding the bus." If it sounds like Charles Bukowski might come up in this episode, it's because he does.

55 Origins and Practice - Michelle Chong

Artist and Licensed Therapist @michellee_chong and I talk art practice and reminisce on the days when rolling around with a SLR film camera strapped around your neck gave you a sense of comfort and responsibility to document your social circle.

54 Narrative Therapy - Michelle Chong

Artist and Licensed therapist Michelle Chong talks about her postmodern therapy practice in relation to art making, while I share some of my negative experiences with cognitive behavioral therapy and being turned away by modernist therapists who told me I needed to go to rehab for smoking pot. 

53 2020 - Micah Wood

Artist Micah Wood and I talk about a variety of political issues relevant to the 2020 presidential race from a leftist perspective, and Micah has helpful grooming advice for Julian Assange.

52 L’Origine du Monde - Micah Wood

Artist Micah Wood shares his research tying Gustave Courbet's L'Origin du Monde to psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan, actress Silvia Bataille and intellectual George Bataille, before I pick his brain about contemporary painting.

51 Blobs - Laura Hyunjhee Kim

Artist and Author Laura Hyunjhee Kim takes us on a fun ride sharing ideas from her upcoming speculative theory book “Entering the Blobosphere: A Musing on Blobs” Available June 17, published by @the5accomplices. Support Experimental Non-Fiction, and pre-order a copy today!

50 Postmodernism - Adrian Paules

Artist Adrian Paules and I take a non-academic approach to demystifying postmodernism.